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I'm Ferruccio and I like to make things. I also enjoy doing random experiments and writing about wild ideas.

What is wrong with Italy?

04 June, 2018

We now have a government in Italy. Everyone around me is talking about this, so I figured out I might as well try to analyse what are the…

What is the Crypto of Bitcoin [WIP]

02 June, 2018

This is a draft don’t take too seriously CAUTION WET FLOOR 🚧🚧 As the term crypto, is now widely used to refer to cryptocurrencies I…

From Idea to MVP in a Saturday Night

24 April, 2018

Every time you finish writing a blog post you get that feeling that it’s not ready to post it. It’s time for proofreading, but it’s painful…

The Physics of Ideas

21 April, 2018

how do ideas move? Historically ideas moved with people talking to each other and writing letters. With the internet, the mediums changed…

New Blog

20 April, 2018

This Gatsby.js Blog is my new personal website. The idea is to create content I would enjoy, without focusing on the medium or the container…

I Quit Social Media

12 December, 2016

In Western countries we grow up with everyone telling us how smart and special we are. Everyone is special. When it comes to studying our…