The eyes to think about the world

This is the world in the eyes of a dog

The poor things have such a cold experience of the world. Our eyes while giving us a richer experience of the world are also a limited mechanical tool.

The world doesn’t care though. It stays the same regardless of the tools we use to perceive it - whether it’s the eyes of a dog or my presbyc ones.

This sounds like stoner talk, but hear me out.

The things you spend a lot of time thinking about are the tools you use to understand the world.

You spent a lot of energy to find an answer to a question, so you recycle the same thoughts to get another answer.

Your ideas are only a remix of the data you collected.

Different subjects have different ways of organizing information and to come up with answers.

These ways of organizing information are the eyes we use to see the world.

Here are some of the eyes I’ve seen, of my own or of people in my life:

  • Biology - Every behaviour is an evolutionary need
  • Physics - Everything follows the laws of physics, even memes
  • Control Theory - Everything is a control system - Inputs turn into outputs. Actuator use feedback loops to figure out what buttons to press to get a desired output.
  • Computer Science - Life is like a software someone else wrote that you get to understand only by bug fixing and extending.
  • Statistics - Black Swan events
  • Politics - Everything happens because of a law or a government program, going to the moon, the internet and freedom
  • History - Humans never change and our behaviours keep repeating. Learn what happened to figure out what’s next
  • Culture - Human progress comes from the culture of the times. Illuminism enabled the Scientific Method
  • And so on..

Cynics would say that these eyes are people trying to come up with a higher meaning for what their lives.

But there’s an opportunity in this.

Learning about all these eyes we can discover the different shapes and colors of the human experience