My favourite Websites:

Here's a short list of what I think is great on the Internet.

The Browser

When I'm lazy The Browser is my go to place to read something smart.

If you never heard about it before it's a website that posts 4 high quality articles daily that are worth your time.

Project Syndicate

Opinionated articles on everything that happens in the world written by the most influential people.

I can't name another website that consistently publishes contents at this level.

Lately I'm being active in some open source developer communities. Good luck with

My favourite Apps/Tools:


The coolest way to learn new words in any language. I'm using it for Chinese at the moment and it's just great. The only downside is that it forces you to use Google Chrome, which is meh.


I find myself always just dropping stuff into it and later finding it useful. Maybe you should be using it too.

More Cool Stuff in the Future