Music I like

The music I like isn’t that ordinary, but I’d say it’s popular among developers in my age group.

I found that every time I meet someone in person that codes professionally the discussion at a certain point moves to “What do you listen when you code?”, “What is your favourite genre/artist?”.

Here’s what developers from big cities in the 20-30 age group tend to listen.

Take it easy my brother Charlie

For some reason I got dragged in a loop of Brazilian music and I now have had this song stuck in my head for the last 6 months.


Another obsession of mine has been with Portishead. I like to listen to their music on Youtube videos like this one for the lofi vibe they have.

I like their music to sound very dirty and distorted as I think that’s their vibe they’re going for.


C2C are a group of four french turntablists that jam together and generally make songs with no instruments, just scratch.

I’ve been at a show of theirs at a crazy electronic music festival in Belgium called Dour. They played right after 2manydjs, which is an awesome duo formed by two of the Soulwax group (the guys that make the best radios on the GTA games)


I’m a big fan of Boys Noize and I particularly like this song for its acid sounds and happy vibes. Also the aesthetic in this video is really on point.


Taking cues from Boys Noize’s acid sounds I started thinking about my favourite acid techno. Regal is an eclectic Spanish producer and his tracks in the last couple of years got a lot of hype after Charlotte de Witte and Amelie Lens got really popular, bringing back Acid Techno.

Bad Kingdom

I started listening to a lot of techno after going to a Moderat live concert when I was 15.

I’ve been to four more after that one as they tend to play at every festivals I attend 😂

Control Movement

Right after going to my first Moderat concert I went to a Gesaffelstein DJ set and that’s what made me get seriously into “underground” electronic music. Which is not really underground as these songs all have millions of views on the internet.

Street Walker

The opening act for the Gesaffelstein concert was a DJ from the UK that played a lot of Gangster House / Deep House as Amine Edge & Dance were the big deal at the time. This track by Duke Dumont gives you an idea of what kind of music it was.

Eventually Duke Dumont transitioned to making the kind of Tropical House/ Elevator music you find on “The Sound You Need”.

Conjure Dreams

As Maceo Plex is always in Milan I went to a gig or two where he played, and had a blast. So here’s what is likely his most popular track.

Paper Trails

Moving forward I really got into all the music Nicolas Jaar made over the years under his various aliases. Last year I kept on listening to his old music along side his Lo-Fi Against All Logic Album.

I really enjoy live electronic music performances, so his Darkside tracks are really special for me.


I really like Vaal, she’s an elusive producer that keeps a super low profile as a personality. Her music is a sci-fi soundtrack that brings me in an immersive emotional state that I find really hard to describe. (Some rumors say she’s Sting’s daughter)

Anyway’s Vaal is signed by Tale Of Us which are also another eclectic duo I really like.


Closing up this post serpentwithfeet is really a cool mix of influences.

I listen to a lot more music than what I listed here. But I think that from this music you can understand what I like, and maybe send me some tracks I’d like?

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