Here's my past, my present and my future.

Things I want to do:

  • Build a computer
  • Learn how to speak fluently in 5 languages
  • Figure out how to make cool 3D videos
  • Design and manifacture a fashion line, sourcing high quality products

Things I'm doing:

  • Get a degree in Control Engineering
  • Get at an HSK4 level in Chinese
  • Building high quality cryptocurrency financial data APIs
  • Writing a little bit of code everyday
  • The Cryptopals Challenge

Things I've done:

  • Started a music website at 16 and worked with major labels (UMG, Sony...) and festivals (Ultra, Tomorrowland etc..) to interview and promote their artists.
  • Learned French
  • Became an influencer on Instagram reaching 18.000 followers.
  • Became a "professional" UI/UX and graphic designer. (sold some logos and mockups)
  • Reached 365.000 people in a year on Quora (it took three months).
  • Quit Social Media
  • Learned Django Development and React
  • Created WodStreak