What is wrong with Italy?

June 04, 2018

We now have a government in Italy.

Everyone around me is talking about this, so I figured out I might as well try to analyse what are the biggest problems the country is facing.

Here is a list of existential problems we face:

  • Labor Market laws make it almost impossible or extremely costly to hire/fire anyone.

  • Organised Crime, Tax evasion, Corruption and waste of public money plague the country.

  • The juidicial system is extremely slow and inefficient. If someone scams you, you might have to wait years for them to be prosecuted.

  • The apprentorship system to train specialized workers works only in some parts of the country. Leading the young generations to university pursuing degrees that yield no jobs.

  • Aggressive taxation on income makes people unwilling to work more than they need to.

  • The pension system is a Ponzi Scheme, the money that gets deposited every year is spent to pay for the people that are retired. The money is not invested. Birth rates are also decreasing, so at some point the whole system will become unsustainable.

  • The country’s position on immigration is not clear. Borders are open, but the state provides extensive welfare. As far as I know one thing should make the other unfeasable.


I'm Ferruccio and I like to make things. I also enjoy doing random experiments and writing about wild ideas.