I have my first exam in 5 days and more to come in the next three weeks, so I won't be very active on the Blog.

I'm planning to write a round up post on my Chinese experience before leaving so keep an eye on the Blog.

On Sundays, I'm answering questions on Quora.

Although I don't like the questions that the platforms propose me. They're either too specific or on boring things.

My goal initially was to reach 365.000 people in 365 days.

I already reached 295.000 in the first two months, so I think I'm going to slow down with the writing and focus on creating better content.

In real life I spend most of my days learning new hard skills, currently, I'm taking a class on EDX on Artificial Intelligence and studying from "Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach".

My goal is to start doing some programming competitions by the beginning of September. Probably on Kaggle.

In the weekends though I'm enjoying my last Shanghainese Rooftop Parties.

Other then that
// no active projects

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