Forgot to update this for a while..

Recently I updated the blog graphics and made sure the blog doesn't go offline anymore due to heavy CPU usage.

Currently I'm answering almost daily to questions on Quora.

I find it very rewarding.. In just a couple of days after starting my profile I already got a decent amount of views.

Although I don't like the questions that the platforms proposes me. They're either to specific or on boring things like billionaires, making money online and gossip.

I'll play around for a while though, my goal initially was to reach 365.000 people in 365 days.

I already reached 24.000 views in 8 days, so I think I'm on track with my goal.

In real life I spend most of my days learning new hard skills, In the last couple of days I learned how to program in Python and currently I'm taking a class on EDX on Artificial Intelligence and studying from "Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach".

My goal is to start doing some programming competitions by the beginning of September. Probably something Machine Learning related.

Most of the time though I'm attending lectures, studying for exams or at the Gym..

In the weekends though I'm enjoying the Shanghainese summer at Rooftop Parties.

Other then that
// no active projects

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